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Servus and welcome to the apartment house Anna Katharina.

We would like to invite you to enjoy our unique and locally grown house. The building was built with own wood from the family.

This now gives you the unique security and warmth that only a wooden house can provide.

Board in front of your head, or even already on the wrong track…?

Can you not see the forest for the trees???

Then you are right with us!

Discover our apartments

Spacious, cozy great – our apartments are all that and much more.

Not only in front of our generous panoramic windows is pure nature to be found, we have also brought it into the house.

With lots of wood, from our own forest, trendy colors and plenty of space to unfold.
Our various apartments have a size of 27sqm – 88sqm living space and are ideal for 2 to 6 people.


BAUM.Wurzel (TREE.Root)

Our BAUM.Wurzel, a small fine apartment with ground level access and short distances to the lounge and terrace. A cozy corner to relax.

BAUM.Stamm (TREE.Trunk)

Located on the 1st floor, our apartment BAUM.Stamm convinces with a wonderful and incomparable view of the Obinghof and the horse paddock.

BAUM.Knospe (TREE.Bud)

Laid out in the heart of the building, our apartment BAUM.Knospe invites you to blossom anew. Most beautiful views towards Buchensteinwand and Leoganger Steinberge.

BAUM.Rinde (Tree.Bark)

Our apartment BAUM.Rinde is generously laid out with a direct view of the downhill ski run. There it will certainly never be boring

BAUM.Wipfel (Tree.Top)

From our apartment BAUM.Wipfel you overlook a breathtaking scenery. To the far west lies the infamous Kaiser Mountains, at your feet the Obinghof with a small farm store. Furthermore you can see the ski and downhill runs

BAUM.Krone (Tree.Crown)

Our apartment BAUM.Krone is our crown jewel. Open rooms flooded with light convey the feeling of being above things. The majestic Leoganger Steinberger present themselves in the east and in winter all valley descents are visible.

In spring, summer and autumn the Pillerseetal offers only the best of everything. This means hiking, climbing, swimming, mountain biking or simply enjoying nature in its most beautiful form. You can simply leave the car in our underground garage, because long walks are not necessary, unless they are wanted, like hiking or walking in the mountains of Fieberbrunn

Own wood from Fieberbrunn

What made us build our apartment house with our own wood.

“Full speed ahead” is the motto at the F1 Streuböden middle station in summer, where Timok’s Alpine Coaster takes you downhill quickly but safely and also pulls you back up comfortably. You set the speed of the two-seater yourself. Watch out for the treacherous “Kaiserwelle”, the “Riesenschlange” and the “360°-Karussell”. And don’t forget to laugh, because at the end you can take a souvenir photo of your fast ride!

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